You may have noticed utility markings/flags on the streets and in your yards beginning in June 2022. Highline Internet has construction crews in the area marking the locations of underground utilities such as wires, pipes and water lines in advance of building their fiber optic network. You may also have noticed this construction has been ongoing in the Spring Valley Subdivision for the last couple months.

Highline Internet asks that you DO NOT remove any flags. Additionally, please feel free to mark any private underground facilities that you feel are in the right of way area, such as sprinkler systems, dog fences, etc.

Every property in our subdivision has a 14′ multi-purpose utility easement along the street side of the property, so we have very little say in whether or not they do the work if the city has permitted it, If you have any complaints or issues with this ongoing construction, you are advised to contact the Permits and Inspections Director for the City.

Tim Patty

970-256-4104 (O)


The construction of Hawthorne Ave and 28 1/4 Road is now complete and open to traffic as of late May 2022. This will make it much easier for those wishing to turn left (eastbound) on Patterson Road as there is a turn signal at 28 1/4 Road.