Attention: Changes were made to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Standards in September 2020.

Grand View Homeowners Association is a covenant-controlled community.  Covenants and rules provide a means of ensuring architectural conformity and aesthetic integrity.  These covenants and rules also help protect the property values of all homeowners in the HOA by maintaining a community that is aesthetically pleasing, making it a highly desirable neighborhood.  Upon purchasing property within Grand View HOA, a homeowner agrees to be subject to the covenants and rules of the HOA and they are also subject to the HOA’s enforcement should they be non-compliant with the covenants or rules and regulations. Please help us by doing your part to keep Grand View a neighborhood we can all be proud of.

The Architectural Control Committee should be reviewing any architectural or landscaping modifications and additions in the subdivision. Homeowners should become familiar with our Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines and the Covenants and keep them in mind whenever contemplating any changes to the exterior of their property.   This includes (but is not limited to) paint, fencing, roofing, sheds, patio structures, landscaping, and signs.  Once you have reviewed the Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines and the Covenants to determine what is and is not allowed, you can download the Architectural and Landscaping Request Form, fill it out in detail, and present it to the HOA for approval.  Please be sure you receive written approval BEFORE you proceed with your project or you will be fined.

Some of the most frequent violations we have are:

Trash Cans
– They need to be hidden from view (behind 6′ privacy fence or in the garage).
Weeds – Yards must be kept free of weeds and debris at all times and kept neat in appearance.
Vehicles – Boats, campers, trailers, etc. need to be stored behind a 6′ privacy fence on the rear of the lot.