Financial and accounting questionsincluding  HOA Status requests, should be referred to our Financial Manager, Janey Joslin. 

Mail:  Grand View HOA
636 Tamarron Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Phone:  970-245-0048

Annual Assessment:

Current Annual Assessment is $280/year. Our fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Annual Assessments are due by March 1st each year and statements are mailed in January.

Purpose of the Assessments:

The Annual Assessment covers improvement, repair, maintenance and insuring of the Common Areas, maintenance of the water supply system and pressurized irrigation system and delivery of water to each lot on the property. It also includes the services of our Financial Manager and a Reserve Fund for contingencies such as major irrigation repairs.


Our annual budget is $55,440 ($280 x 198 homes). Of that amount, $45,540 ($230 x 198 homes) goes into our general operating budget to pay for normal budgeted expenses. The remaining $9,900 ($50 x 198 homes) goes into a Reserve Account to pay for unbudgeted expenses such as major repairs to the irrigation system.

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