Our irrigation water is provided by Grand Valley Water Users Association (GVWUA). This water is available from April to October each year. Water is normally turned on between April 1-15th and will normally be turned off in late October. Signs will be posted at the entrances to the subdivision informing residents of the dates the water will be turned on/off and also any time the water is turned off for repairs during the season. Each Spring, homeowners are required to turn their valves OFF by March 25th. This allows for pressurization of entire system once the water begins flowing into our pond. Failure to close your valves could result in damage to the system and homeowners could incur fines up to $500.

Once the water is turned off at the end of the season in October, this is the time for homeowners to perform annual maintenance. Check risers, check and replace water valves, clean in-line filters and wrap exposed PVC from UV light, and winterize the system. If you are new to irrigation, please feel free to contact a neighbor and ask for help.

In the event of a leak or break in the irrigation system, the HOA is responsible for any repairs up to the homeowners valve. Any problems that arise after the homeowners valve, are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you notice a leak, immediately shut your valve off to determine if this eliminated the problem. If so, you will need to troubleshoot the problem or hire someone to do that for you. If it did not eliminate the problem and water continues to leak, call our Irrigation Manager or another Board Member as soon as possible in an effort to minimize any flooding damage.